Investments in agriculture are the best tools for building a healthy and sustainable community as agriculture is the foundation of our civilization. Agriculture serves as the backbone of our economy supporting livelihoods of majority of our population. Agriculture ensures our nation’s food security and supplies raw materials for various industries like textiles, packaging, pharmaceuticals etc. contributing to industrial growth.

Today, agriculture sector faces various complex challenges in the form of lack of labour, escalating cost of inputs without commensurate returns, exploitation by middlemen, vagaries of weather etc. resulting in farmers abandoning agriculture because of its non- profitability. Climate change also play a detrimental role in making agriculture prone to risks and uncertainties with more severe droughts, flooding, desertification, locust attacks etc. Providing to the ever-growing demand of the expanding population will only be feasible and sustainable when we adapt smart solutions based on systematic approach to address these problems.

Since its inception, NAF is fully aware of the multi-dimensional challenges faced by agriculture and has played a key role in addressing these issues. One of the important initiatives is the demonstration of improvement in economic performance of agriculture through large scale adoption of modern farming technologies and an entrepreneurial approach to help local economic development creating more employment opportunities.

NAF is also promoting several non-farm initiatives which are targeted at landless community for their economic upliftment through setting up of rural enterprises, farmer producers organisations, credit facilitation and market linkages.

Addressing the entire value chain of agriculture and allied sector activities has been the focus of NAF for improving the economic performance of farming in its project area.

Focus Areas:

  • Lean Farming Technologies
  • Agri-entrepreneurship
  • Farmer Producers Organisations
  • Value Additional Units
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cattle and Livestock Management
  • Farm automation


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