At NAF, we see empowerment as “Creating dynamic, vibrant and sustainable rural communities who work in the spirit of cooperation, equity, equality and collective ownership.”

NAF strongly believes that rural prosperity can be achieved through effective participation of rural communities in the management of their own social, economic and environmental needs. Thus, our initiatives we focus on empowering the rural communities through governance and management for self-reliance to sustain the impacts of our interventions.

At present the rural communities lack in terms of entrepreneurial abilities, management skills and organizing themselves at community level. This in turn leads to lack of access to resources, technologies and services, thus increasing the vulnerability of rural communities resulting in poor economic growth and unsustainable development for both the farming community as well as the rural community. Along with this, gender inequality hinders the progress of comprehensive development of rural India.

To address these inter-linked challenges in an effective manner, organising the rural people into grass-root level community-based institutions is a must. Towards achieving this end, NAF is promoting and nurturing various community-based institutions like Farmers Clubs, Self-Help Groups , Joint Liability Groups, Farmers Producer Organizations/Companies, Water User groups , Watershed committees etc. for inclusive decision-making and collective-action.

These institutions have helped the communities in achieving a sense of ownership for the development interventions, accumulation of capital & resource mobilisation for institutional growth, ease-of-access to government schemes, gender equality and other social benefits.

Focus Areas:

  • Promotion of Community Based Institutions
  • Sanitation and Health
  • Non-farm-based income generation
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Common Resources Management
  • Awareness Generation
  • Women Empowerment
  • Social Development


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