Our environment enables, nurtures, provides and protects all the life on Earth. Humans can survive on Earth as long as our environment survives. It is the source of all our needs and luxury. From sustaining the biogeochemical to adding aesthetic economical values, the scope of services provided by our environment are invaluable.

Environment provides us with the land, water, air and sunlight – the primary natural resources for agriculture. Thus, NAF values environment as the source of all production. Environment provides many indispensable ecosystem services to the agriculture – natural cycling of elements for soil fertility, water purification, rainwater harvesting, control of pests and disease, conservation of agro-biodiversity and so on.

Today, with each passing year, we are recording new peak in temperatures and greenhouse gases in atmosphere. We are facing more increase in heat waves, erratic rainfall, floods, droughts, forest fires, desertification, pest & disease outbreaks, cyclonic storms and other climate related disasters. Climate change has become the most significant threat to the future of agriculture and the survival of millions of species on the planet.

To overcome these challenges and thrive, we need to revive our environment and restore the natural ecosystem services through sustainable thinking for judicious management of common natural resources. At NAF, we believe, “sustainability” is the key for the success of any intervention in agriculture and rural development. Sustenance being the primary function of the environment, we are always considerate of environment in our decision making.

Focus Areas:

  • Watershed Development
  • Soil & Water Conservation
  • Afforestation & Biodiversity Conservation
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Information Technology based Natural Resources Management


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