Augmentation of Water Resources in Enhancing the Productivity and Profitability of Farming Systems in Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu

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This is a pilot project carried out as a part of the proposal to rejuvenate 3 common property water bodies in 2 villages in Gummidipoondi Block of Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. The project was funded and supported by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited’s (HPCL) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management. A MoU was signed on 30th August 2019 by Mr. Natarajan, General Manager, HPCL and Mr. Rajasekar, Managing trustee, National Agro Foundation (NAF).

The objective of this project is to rejuvenate water bodies which come under the ambit of the Farmer Producer Company (FPC) promoted villages facilitated by NAF with shareholder membership of more than 1000 small and marginal resource poor farmers (predominantly women farmers). The rejuvenation process is linked directly to doubling farmers income through innovative LEAN FARMING practices promoted by NAF based on value chain analysis. The FPC will also motivate its members to monitor and maintain the assets created. The village Panchayat will ensure that there is equitable sharing of water within the village for various utilities. Thus, this project is the connect between WATER – SUSTAINABLE

AGRICULTURE– FPC resulting in RESILIENCE BUILDING of the small farm holders affected by climate change.

This is an INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT project where everyone benefits in sharing common resources and develops a model of PUBLIC – PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (PPP) for ensuring water and food security at the National and local level and globally achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030.

Appavaram Village Pond:

Appavaram was one of the villages were the project was implemented. A major village pond was rejuvenated under the project. After acquiring the NOC from Government Authority, the work commenced on 9 th September, 2019 and was completed on 15 th November, 2019. The rejuvenation work included clearing the bushes, de-silting of water body, deepening, strengthening, trimming and sectioning of the same. Total area of the pond is 13,262 The entire water body has been de- silted and deepened to 1-meter depth.

  • Water holding capacity of the pond increased 5.5 times from 24 lakh litres to 132 lakh litres.
  • Farming area supported by the pond increased about 2.5 times from 189 acres to 473 acres.
  • Second crop farming area increased about 3.5 times from 17 acres to 59 acres.
  • There was a raise of 33 ft. in the groundwater table level.
  • The increased availability of water benefitted cattle rearing in the area.
  • 22 bore wells benefitted from the project as opposed to 4 bore wells benefitting before the project.
  • The accessibility and availability of water for drinking also increased.

On February 24 th , 2020, Mr. Jothi Prem Kumar, Plant Head, HPCL-Gummidipoondi and Dr. S.V. Murugan, Director, NAF received the award of appreciation from the District Collector of Thiruvallur Tmt. Mageswari Ravikumar I.A.S., for the commendable job demonstrated at the Appavaram village. It was a moment of joy and pride for both NAF and HPCL CSR Management to continue to strive to serve the community with dedication and integrity.

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