Research and Development

Research and Development

Our Founder Mr. C. Subramaniam, the First Science and Technology Minister of India, always believed in use of science for the betterment of the society which was evident from the resounding success of Green Revolution which he authored. Following on his footsteps,

NAF always is committed to Research and Development which has the potential to address various need based and location specific problems of Indian agriculture. Agriculture is changing and becoming more scientific and efficient to meet out the growing demands of the people and the environment. Hence, continual and anticipatory research in agriculture is necessary to cope up with the varied situations and emerging challenges due to environmental degradation, climate change and other issues.

NAF focuses more on adaptive research that can offer deeper insights towards various interwoven problems, development of solutions and innovations in the fields of environment and biodiversity, digital technology, climate change, natural resource management, food security and safety, biotechnology, agribusiness and supply chain management.

Some of our focus areas in R&D include,

  • Development of IT based solutions in agribusiness and NRM
  • Development of novel food products
  • Bio remediation of polluted soils
  • Farm machinery


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